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If you are looking for a video production company in Red Bank or Princeton NJ be sure to stay tuned. We are on the look out for companies who have the right stuff. I’ll try to update as often as possible. Until then, please read here for more information. I have been in the industry for many years....

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NJ Corporate Video Production Services PictureSo, your company wants to hire someone to produce a corporate video or commercial. The process starts, of course, with hiring a production studio. But where to begin? There are dozens of them out there, each promising they’re perfect for you. Surely there has to be an easier way?

While there is no foolproof way to know you’re picking the best video production company for your New Jersey based firm, these tips are sure to help you choose correctly. Keep in mind that there is no hard fast rule.

Your best bet is to look for a company that has done work similar to your ideas.

New Jersey Corporate Video Productions

Watch Their Corporate Videos – One of the most difficult tasks of any video production expert is to make corporate videos interesting, so be sure to review the work of who you intend to hire. A good corporate video doesn’t have to be dry and boring! A well-done company video can be insightful and interesting, even to those who are not part of the company. If they’ve done a good job with some of these, chances are they’re equipped to serve you well.

Sit Down With Them – The fact is, hiring a video production firm is no different than hiring an employee. You want to be sure they’ll be a good fit for your company and that you’ll have a good relationship with them. If your face-to-face doesn’t click, don’t be shy about taking a pass and moving on to the next firm. Don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Don’t Be Shy About Talking Budget – You’re a business. That means dollars and cents matter. If you are dealing with professional videographers, they’ll understand that, so don’t be shy about being up front about your budgetary limitations (if any). Trust us, if you are straightforward with regard to how much you are willing to spend, they’ll be thankful for your honesty and will reward you with honesty in return.

Review Their Previous Clients – A firm’s client list tells you a lot about the kind of companies who have been willing to trust them with their money and reputation. If you see major names like Verizon, General Motors, and Atlantic Records, you can rest assured this is a group of professionals who how to make you priority number one. After all, major corporations aren’t going to waste their time and money on a firm who will tarnish their hard-earned reputation.

Don’t Skip Their Demo Reel – A video production firm with a good track record will have a demo reel showcasing their work. Watch it! Keep your eye on their production quality, audio editing, and anything else that will help sell your brand. Avoid anyone without a reel.

View Their Commercial Work – If you are hiring someone to do a commercial for you, it should go without saying that you will want to view their previous commercials. Loads of NJ video production companies push out local commercials on basic cable, but it takes a special team to create commercials that will do a good job of delivering your intended message – so be sure to see what they’ve done in the past!

Inquire About Their Post Production Abilities – Any guy with a camera can show up and start shooting. More important than that, however, is what takes place AFTER the material has been shot. Editing, color grading, video effects, music composition, sound mixing. All of this an essential part of a professional looking product!